Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 2021

Echoes From Beneath, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 2021

Mellette, South Dakota, United States, 2019

Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 2021

Boss Cowman Square, Lemmon, South Dakota, United States, 2018

Lake Andes, Charles Mix County, South Dakota, United States, 2017

Echoes From Beneath:

A solo exhibition of Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations.

South River Art Studios is pleased to present Echoes from Beneath: A solo exhibition of Sculptures, Paintings, and Installations by Jonathan Imafidor.

5th - 19th June, 2021
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
South River Art Studios
    1300 Fleetwood Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30316.
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Artist Statement

Most recently, my art has evolved from painting into metal sculpting which has enabled my ideas to spring from a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional reality.

I find the additive process of welding metal an organic experience that enhances and promotes my creative impetus. More so, working with found objects alongside other materials is very fulfilling. By combining found metal objects, epoxy resin, paints, and industrial materials, boundless sculptural horizons are opened.

My art typically blends scrap metal art and painting by; exploring and usurping the dynamic inherent aesthetic qualities entrapped in found metal objects; and inclusion of color for revitalization.

Through my creative process, I have developed a personal visual vocabulary based on symbolism and metaphor. Traditional Yoruba motifs, Native American symbols, and words are incorporated into my sculptures. While these motifs, symbols, and words exemplify my background and thoughts, they also give strength and clarity to my message. By sculpting animal forms in almost life-like rendition and emphasizing certain distinctive features while relating them to humans or real life circumstances, I metaphorically comment on Cultural Identity Issues as I perceive it through personal experiences and in my many travels between Africa and America.