Jonathan is an artist living in Atlanta, GA. He was born in Uneme-Nekhua, a small rural settlement in Southern Nigeria. He grew up in a small town amidst a vast expanse of tropical vegetation, rocky mountains, and quiet flowing streams. This influenced his love for nature and how people interacted with it and so he spent his early years investigating and creating art from natural materials.

Jonathan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Painting from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria and later taught Painting and Drawing as a Lecturer in that same institution.

He has over 30 Group and Joint Exhibitions to his credit and he is a recipient of several awards from different local and International Art competitions.

Within the last 6 years, Jonathan has been traversing the great plains of Dakota presenting his art through exhibitions, mural paintings, and art workshops. In his work, nature, culture, and history become visually tangible concepts that represent his ideas and experiences which he has lived or gleaned from his background and in his travels between Africa and America.

In recent times, Jonathan’s art has evolutionized into sculpting which has enabled his ideas to spring from a two-dimensional surface onto a three-dimensional reality.

Instagram: @jonathanimafidor
Phone: +14045098827